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1. Vashon Johnson, Bassplayer For Miley Cyrus, Interview By MarloweDK (5.0 Stars · 24 Ratings)
Marlowedk interviews Vashon Johnson, bass player for Miley Cyrus and a great guy too!, We caught him backstage before the Miley Cyrus concert, June 4, 20014 in Forum , Copenhagen, Denmark. Vashon shows his rig, basses, bassynths and we also talk...(more)
Interviews · 17:28 · Shared on 7/11/2014 by ActiveBass
2. Jojo Mayer Guest Lesson And Interview - Drum Expo 2013 (5.0 Stars · 2 Ratings)
Acclaimed fusion, jazz and drum & bass player Jojo Mayer discusses meeting his mentor Jim Chapin and shares a few of his techniques. Subscribe now and don't miss any Drum Expo Videos! Drum Expo in association with Rhythm Maga...(more)
Interviews · 12:43 · Shared on 7/30/2013 by ActiveBass
3. Castrovalva Bass Interview (Part One) (5.0 Stars · 1 Rating)
Anthony Wright of noise rockers Castrovalva talks bass playing and gear. Part one of two.
Interviews · 12:06 · Shared on 11/16/2012 by ActiveBass
4. Tour Metallica HQ! (4.9 Stars · 965 Ratings)
Guitar World presents and exclusive look inside Metallica HQ! See where the band practice, record, hang out and more!
Interviews · 9:06 · Shared on 7/23/2008 by ActiveBass
5. Castrovalva Bass Interview (Part Two) (No Ratings)
Anthony Wright of UK noise-rockers Castrovalva chats bass playing and gear. Part two of two.
Interviews · 11:39 · Shared on 11/16/2012 by ActiveBass