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This is my obligatory page title

This is more obligatory business.

Yes. It sure is.

I'm basically

the man.
That being said, I'm pretty damn good at the electric bass. I'm in France this year (2005-2006) cause I'm weird like that. I'm not as cocky as I sound. It actually varies, some days I'm really cocky and others I'm really humble and others I have absolutely no self confidence at all. Well, stay in tune and stay groovy.

Musical Influences

  • Jaco, Marc Friedman, Chambers, Garrison
  • Miles, Trane, The Slip, Monk, Bird, Pat Metheny, Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison
  • Bands I Like: Radiohead, the Duo, the Flaming Lips, Built to Spill

Favorite Recordings

  • As of now, Miles Davis - Someday My Prince Will Come, John Coltrane - Traneing In, Thelonious Monk - Live at the It Club Complete, Jaco Pastorius - The Birthday Concert, Radiohead - Kid A