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The G & L SB-2. A great bass!

My Day Job

I'm a Junior High Math and Science teacher who loves what I'm doing very much. At the same time, I've told many, many people that my job seems to exist only to fund my music passion. I've been playing bass since 1976 (which puts me in grade seven.... do the math if you'd like) and enjoy it more now than ever. I love how new things learned on the instrument bring me both joy and encouragement to "keep at it."

The gear I'm presently playing include a few G & L's. These basses often seem passed-by at music shops, but they sound great. I play through an Ashdown Evo II 500 Combo amp or an old Ampeg B25-B for smaller gigs.

My Experience

I've played with various rock and jazz bands in the Edmonton area over the last few years and have been active in the Praise and Worship circles here. I'm also playing with Original 6, a Canadiana Roots rock band.

Musical Influences

  • Pino Pallidino
  • Victor Wooten
  • Don Harris

Favorite Recordings

  • Wonderland- Paul Young
  • Big Country- Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
  • Praise Adonai (with bass solo)- Paul Baloche