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Brian Sharpe

Back in the saddle

my "newest" toy

Creating seismic events!!!

What can I say?..........

Middle aged, suburban bass playing, scuba diving soccer dad. All I'm missing is the mini-van.

Play with a bunch of other old geezers purely for fun (I'm not worried about a recording contract.....that train left the station before most of you were born! LOL)

My gear.......

Yorkville Bassmaster 800H Eden D210XLT Eden D212XLT


Fender P-bass (transparent orange, ash) Carvin 5 string Warwick Corvette (red, ash) Aria Tab-66 semihollow Fender (MIM) 5 string jazz

Musical Influences

  • Jack Bruce, Tommy Shannon, John Paul Jones, Santana
  • Big Jeezus Truck, Stanley Clarke, Roger Waters
  • and too many others to mention

Favorite Recordings

  • Are You Experienced, Meddle, Curse of the Undead Trucker
  • Blind Faith, anything by SRV,
  • I could go on for pages!