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Hello and welcome to the Bassliner page. It is nice to know that we bass players can come together and learn from each other. Bass Players are Cool !!

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Born and raised in Michigan. Started playing guitar when I was eight years old, then later played bass as a fill in person due to no other bass players available. Bass became my main instrument, and I loved it ever since. I have over twenty years of experience; plenty of charts and ear training. My main focus has been on theory and reading (no tabs). My main influence growing up was Geddy Lee of (Rush). As I learned the instrument I branched out to styles like funk and R&B. I listened to Abe Laborial, Marcus Miller, Vic Wooten, and a Christian bass player Anthony Sallee. There are many others, but these are the one's I took bit's and pieces to develop my own style. I do owe a lot to a local fellow who had a tremendous influence on me. My main theme to give to the bass community is - "do not get hung up on yourself, but learn as much as you can. Feel is the name of the game and learn to groove to anything. Dont just get caught up into one or a few styles, this will hinder you when situations arise when you might need to pull from the old bag of grooves". Remember to always have fun !! (GOD BLESS)
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Musical Influences

  • Anthony Sallee ( )
  • Marcus Miller, Vic Wooten, GeddyLee
  • Jackie Street, Brian Bromberg, Abe Laborial

Favorite Recordings

  • Anything with Feel & Groove