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Fast, Hard, Crazy

I love my Toby, with him and the other Equipment I'm doing any Sound!

Take it easy

Play fast, think fast but don't live fast! Take it easy, live slowly and enjoy your Life, you only live once!

Metal and Speed

I play and like all kinds of Music but I just love Metal and everything that's fast and crazy to play!! :-) I use some kind of noname Bass (Maison) and a Jazzbass of Ibanez but first of all comes my Tobias Pro6, if you're searching an easy to play great sounding 6string Bass I recommend this one, it's just great. The Amp is a H&K 707 Basskick with an 4x10" Box. Some of you might think I'm crazy but I'm also using a Boss GX700 Guitar Effects Processor. Now for live Gigs we might need e second Bassist :-) Believe it or not but it sounds and is quite exciting.

Musical Influences

  • Roland Hurni (a very good Friend of mine and a great Guitarist)

Favorite Recordings

  • Rage against the Machine
  • Black Sabbath
  • Sepultura