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A superior person cares for the well-being of all things. She does this by accepting responsibility for the energy she manifests, both actively and in the subtle realm. Looking at a tree, she sees not an isolated event but root, leaves, trunk, water, soil and sun: each event related to the others, and "tree" arising out of their relatedness. Looking at herself or another, she sees the same thing.

Trees and animals, humans and insects, flowers and birds: these are active images of the subtle energies that flow from the stars throughout the universe. Meeting and combining with each other and the elements of the earth, they give rise to all living things.

The superior person understands this, and understands that her own energies play a part in it. Understanding these things, she respects the earth as her mother, the heavens as her father, and all living things as her brothers and sisters.

Caring for them, she knows that she cares for herself. Giving to them, she knows that she gives to herself. At peace with them, she is always at peace with herself.

Hua Hu Ching (The unknown Teachings of Lao Tzu)

Hello, I'm Rick Naimish, inventor of the Naimishbridge. Please see the links below for lots of relevant information on this 21st century design. I've been playing, as a hobby, for 39 years.


The Bass Player Magazine article




"Each piece of the Naimish is solid and substantial, and together the whole unit oozes design elegance."

..."its elegant and maybe even a little sexy"...

..."tons of punch and sustain"....

"Unusual and impressive."

..."a uniquely simple design solution"...

..."it does have a certain je ne sais quoi that makes spending the dough worthwhile"....


My background is as a machinist but I've done all sorts of things including but not limited to Taxi driver, soda jerk, ditch digger, boxer, carwash attendant, painter, carpenter, runner, maintenance man, electrician, body guard, waiter, plumber, bartender........ but the most fun I've ever had makin' a buck was playing music.


"I think the ones I ordered for my Tylers are the best bridges I've ever used. I was hoping to order some more..."

email from Pat McDonald

"I received and installed a new bridge on my Jazz bass. It was built by Rick Naimish of Detroit. This bridge was featured in an article in Bass Player magazine a month or two back. The bridge has a larger contact area between the saddles and the body of the bass, which leads to a deeper, fuller sound. I do think it makes the bass sound better, and can't wait to hear how it sounds with the band at rehearsal this week!"

David Courtemanche

"Rick, I purchased a bridge from you a few months back for my US made Fender Jazz bass. The tone is deeper and was noticed immediately by the guitarist in our band. This man earns his living as a sound engineer, both live and studio, so he has ears. The other thing I have noticed is that my smaller amp rig seems to cut through the band better than before. I believe this may be due to the new bridge and the increase in the presence of the bass' sound. As a result I do not have to bring my 6x10 cabinet to as many gigs as before, which is a nice bonus of the Naimish bridge! Thanks again. -dc"

email from David Courtemanche

"Hello Rick,

If you recall, earlier in the year you made a bridge for my USA P bass (3 hole mount, string-through loading - chrome plated aluminum). I've just picked up a 2003 Fender USA Jazz with the same type of bridge. I'd love to have one of your bridges for that bass as well.... Thanks!"

Tom Appel (via email)

"I did notice an increase in sustain and the bass seemed to "speak" better acoustically. I suppose the skeptic's question would be, "was it $159 worth?" ;) The bass sounded fine before the new bridge. It sounds better now. And I do think that saddle design is quite clever."

Tom Appel on the Talkbass Forum

cnltb03-26-2006, 05:25 PM

" I too got a Naimish bridge on my bass(5-string through body.The one that was ,or still is displayed on the website,if I am not mistaken) and must say that I like it a is light,and very easy to adjust.For a long time I have not particularly been a fan of brass bridges as they seem to add something to the tone of the instrument that I don't like.With the Aluminium naimish bridge as well as with a wooden bridge I have on another instrument, the tonal character of the instrument as a wooden construction seems more faithfully preserved. I do not feel that any sustain is lost by opting for a lighter bridge,and both instruments(wooden and alu-bridged) speak very well. The naimish bridge is also very compfortable when resting the right hand on it, employing palm muting techniques. PLUS: Dealing with Rick Naimish was an absolute pleasure,which also goes for every e-mail we have exchanged since the purchase of the bridge.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!:hyper:


" I believe in your product. Best on the market, hands down.

email from Walt Smith

Road Manager

Warren Barfield Music

A Brief Review

Leo Quan move over! There's a new guy in town and he's gunnin for ya! Enter Rick Naimish and the radically new, Naimish Bridge, a light-weight, compact, well-designed, well-machined, custom replacement bass bridge that will make a believer out of you. Upon installing a few of them, I noticed an immediate improvement in the tone; a tighter-sounding, truer string response with noticeable attack, decay, and harmonic characteristics. This bridge seems to actually improve the timbre of the note, and is very forgiving of some harsh, metallic-sounding strings. The appearance and machining is impeccable, from the contouring of the saddle contact points to the radiusing of all corners and edges. With the pivoting saddles and allen screw intonation adjustments, repairpersons and musicians alike will enjoy the speed and ease of set-up. All-in-all, this is a very "musical" sounding bridge that packs good looks, accuracy, and sustain in a very practical package.

Mike Koontz

Koontz Guitar Repair

Ferndale, Michigan

"Tone sustaining capability of a string is a direct function of the rigidity of it's endpoint connections"....C. Leo Fender


Ed LeFave's Custom Engraving size>


The Kingly Man

My Master said: That which acts on all and meddles in none is heaven...

The Kingly Man realizes this, hides it in his heart, grows boundless, wide-minded, draws all to himself. And so he lets the gold lie hidden in the mountain, leaves the pearl lying in the deep. Goods and possessions are no gain in his eyes, he stays far from wealth and honor. Long life is no ground for joy, nor early death for sorrow. Success is not for him to be proud of, failure is no shame. Had he all the world's power he would not hold it as his own. If he conquered everything he would not take it to himself.

His glory is in knowing that all things come together in One. And life and death are equal.

From:The Way of Chuang Tzu by Thomas Merton


Musical Influences

  • Hendrix, Miles, Charles Earland, Nina Simone, Wes Montgomery, Motown
  • Jimmy Smith, Grant Green, Jaco, Emily Remler, Stanley Turrentine
  • John Lee Hooker, Howlin Wolf, Mingus, Hoagey Carmichael, oh man, on and on and on...........

Favorite Recordings

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