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Mayor Mo

Greetings from Mayor Mo

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Welcome, I live down the bottom part of the world in Image Hosted by

Playing music is my love and playing bass is my passion

At this age I was already playing the family piano ( we all played at least one instrument in our family )

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My sister Lois gave me my name Maurice, which is my middle name. My first name is Harley and the family name is Dear.
Carr is an old family name way back then and also the name of the road our family business BlindWorks was located.

Lois was tragically and brutally murdered on July 16, 2006 whilst preparing the new school term for her New Entrant Pupils on a quiet Sunday morning at Strathmore School, Tokoroa, NZ. I really miss her

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Lois Dear 1940 to 2006 R.I.P.

Next, here's the love in my life that comes even before my Bass The War Office

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This is before we went out for our 25th Wedding Anniversary celebs

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I am so blessed having such a lovely caring wife.

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Mo at a gig with our originals band "The Void"
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Now down to business;

Fortune continues to smile on our family, I was lucky enough to be appointed the authorised builder in NZ for Bill Fitzmaurice Design Speaker Cabs. I was looking for the ultimate cab for my bass, and being so disappointed in even the real expensive big name cabs, I discovered these.

Here is the line up of prototype cabs

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Omni 10 up to 500 watts with 2 Deltalite 2510 weighs just 22kg ( 46lb ) and will blow the pants of any 410 or 212 cab

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Omni 12 with Eminence Delta 12 LF, the Eminence Alpha 8 MR mid and Eminence APT 200 tweeter - monster sound for slapmasters! Will outperform the El Whappo in output and sound quality

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Omni 15 - truly mind blowing power!

Need a new home for your 15 icnh speaker? well here it is, Omni 15 with your 15" and the Eminence Alpha 8 MR mid

Now for the best sound

Here we move to the creme de la creme of bass sound. A little harder to build but well worth the effort - The DR Series The sound from these is so clear and so powerful you will wonder why you ever put up with std direct radiator cabs after hearing one of these babies.

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DR250 - Deltalite 2510 loaded, ported to 80hz and will relegate your std 410, 210 or 115 cabs to the kindergarten sandpit.

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Here is what the guts looks like half way through the build.
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DR280 with switchable tweeters. Unbelievable power and immense clarity.
This cab will make sure your sound is heard loud and clear above a-hole drummers and screaming guitarists. Eminence Delta Pro 12 driven.

NOW for something completely serious;

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DR280 top, Tuba 24 sub crossed over at 100 hz - for the times when you really want to mean business on stage and impress with quality and power. This is the ultimate and if it is still not loud enough, just add another DR280 top

All these cabs are DIY cabs and can be built by you for 1/3 to 1/3 the cost of commercial cabs that will not even come near them for quality of sound and economy of power.

Latest addition is;

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Omni-15 Tallboy ( 3015LF, 8 MR and melded pizoe array ) - totally insane volume!

Go to for more info or ask me. I would love to help you get some quality sound.

So much for the engine room, here is The Bridge of my kit;

My latest bass;

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Fender Jazz Deluxe 5str

My BTB1005, then the ATK300 which Ivan T got for me and last, my BTB405 fretless special.

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The BTB is my main bass I play about 80% of the time. It now has Nordstrand Dual Coil pups and Audere 3 band EQ. Nothing comes near it for sound quality.

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The blue one is my beater bass - SX Jazz with extra shielding added; Image Hosted by

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The amp I use is and Eden WT550. Great amp warm but punchy, great value for money.

I play bass for my church, am in several covers bands, do various Christian gigs. Also play in a 60's/70's/80/s entertainment band Deja Vu

Musical Influences

  • Christian and Latin
  • Rock & Blues
  • Mr Abraham Laboriel
    Jason Scheff
    Gail Ann Dorsey
    Pino Palladino
    Cass Lewis
    Paul McCartney
    Christian McBride