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Thank you for checking in! My name is Barney Brazitis and I've been a bassist for over 38 years.

My specialty has been Cuban folkloric music and Cuban jazz as well as Latin jazz and Praise and Worship music, and I've done a lot of work in R&B, jazz, fusion, all manner of funky stuff, salsa, rock, gospel, country, etc. Pretty much run the gamut professionally.

I'm a Christian and currently work as an arranger and composer as well as scheduling musicians for Antioch Bible Church.

In addition I have a drum crew that meets every week as well as an all volunteer orchestra composed of members of the Antioch congregation.

Some Stuff About Me.....

I'm primarily a writer/arranger currently, doing mostly large ensemble projects with full rhythm section and 5 to 10 horns. I will also be doing some Big Band stuff soon....

Go here to hear some of my work

For 25 years I was involved full time in playing a wide variety of Cuban/Latin formats, from Conjunto Tipico, to Son, as well as

Charanga and straight ahead Salsa, but I've altered my focus and am primarily doing Gospel and Praise stuff now, as well as quite a number of jazz performances recently! I may have to dust off the upright and get the bridge adjusted! Woohoo!

I'm currently leading 3 Classes at my employer, Antioch Bible Church.

"Composition for Everyone", where I help get folks in touch with their own melodic memory and use 4 notes to steer them into an entire composition, complete with the tonal center and harmony.

"Rhythm Section Diversity", where I explore what makes a genre a genre, and what specific elements identify a style.

And finally, "Percussion for Non Percussionists" is a discipleship that meets regularly and explores the value of meter through use of hand percussion and interlocking patterns.

Barney back then (on the left, of course!)
Bothel Landing Bochinche

Musical Influences

  • Jaco, Paul Jackon, John Paul Jones, Miles, Marcus Miller, Ray Brown, Gary Peacock, Zawinul, Sal Cuevas, Cachao, to name a few
  • Victor Wooten, Stanley Clark, Jimi Hendrix, Abe Laboriel, Larry Graham , Anthony Jackson, Paul Jackson to name a few more...
  • James Jamerson, Jack Bruce, Frank Zappa, Rocco, Bootsy Collins, Wilton Felder, Jack Casady, Alphonso Johnson, Verdine White.....

Favorite Recordings

  • Let's see.... Most all Weather Report, from Miroslav thru Jaco and beyond.."Birds of Fire" - Mahavishnu Orchestra
  • John Coltrane "A Love Supreme" and "Favorite Things"
  • "Thrust" by Herbie Hancock featuring Paul Jackson on bass! Check out the cut "Palm Grease". "Roxy and Elsewhere" - Frank Zappa