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Mark Corradetti

Mark A Corradetti - Recording Artist/Electric Bassist


These days I am busy with composing and laying tracks mostly in my home studio here in Franklin TN, about 10 miles south of Nashville TN. I'm working with some cool artists, and enjoy playing live as well as recording tracks. I also have been fortunate to be able hang around The famous Castle Recording Studios in Franklin TN lately with some great people from the music business.

I'd say that the music I am composing and recording these days would be best described as ambient chill, somewhat new age, but typically all instrumental. I want to do more !

If you'd like to discuss the possibility of me playing on your project please don't hesitate to call. Check out my site at or

I'd say my playing style is supportive, groove oriented and melodic. I really think a good bass part is one that stands on its own melodically, rhythmically, and most of all, tastefully, yet weaves into the music seamlessly. I enjoy music of all styles. For me, it's about playing with creative musicians. I play fretted and fretless basses, and a home digital studio from where I do most of my composing. My music is available on most of the online stores like Itunes, Amazon, etc..

Other Stuff.....

Over the course of my career, I've played in many different musical situations, and have been afforded the opportunity to play with a great many wonderful musicians. I am also able to play on your next project via online session, or in person. Please contact me to find out more about it.

Musical Influences

  • All the great bassists- Jaco/Will Lee/Tony Levin/Sklar/Manring/Jamerson.etc...
  • All the great composers - classical to rock

Favorite Recordings

  • Yours
  • Mine
  • All things smooth, well written, well performed and well played.