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That's me unleashed...

Everyone knows that there would be no metal if there was no bass. My name's Pawel and I'm the bassist of Polish band named Choice (feel invited to - English version available shortly...). We have an LP on our account, and the second one is coming this year. I am not a bass philosopher - I play to have fun, not to be a virtuoso; bass gives me opportunities to ba a f---in' stage beast, within the brackets of the rythm. I think that's the point - within these brackets you can do whatever you want...


GUITARS: Fender American DeLuxe 4-string Active Jazz Bass, Mayones 4- string Custom Headless.

AMP: Ampeg BA 115 combo, sometimes TonsilBass 300V with two cabinets, and whatever that works...

STRINGS: mostly Labella HRS XL, now testing Elixir Nanoweb 0.45 - 0.105

Musical Influences

  • first of all it is My Head, then all my senses
  • Harris,Lemmy,Flea,Myung(although he's a wanker)
  • DiGiorgio,Burton, Butler and Araya(because he cannot play)

Favorite Recordings

  • "If you have to ask" by R.H.CH.P
  • "War pigs" by Black Sabbath
  • "Aces high" by Iron maiden

Favorite Lessons