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Bass Player,I love to play HARD, HEAVY, FAST, FASTER, FASTEST,if you hear my lessons there not lessons at all,& all that u hear is me ive never had 1 lesson , WHAT I OFFER is 23yrs playing BASS,23YRS of experience in every aspect of BASS, be it recording,playing live,practice,DEALING with GUITARISTS:) any & everything relating to bass. I also play guitar,sax[tenor],trumpet,trombone,tuba,and the mandolin,but BASS IS MY PASSION.Ive played to 10,000 people and 2 live,my present band is AGAINST METHOD ORIGINAL& HEAVY AS HEAVY SHOULD BE,HARD,HEAVY,FAST is what i love,but play every style,except country,not a big fan of rap either, but i dont pass judgements on any music or musician,if you need help in any way LET ME KNOW, and i will help, i play 4 basses, an IBANEZ ROADSTAR 5 string, a KRAMER XL 8 string, an MPC OUTLAW,and my newest a SPECTOR REX BROWN SIGNATURE 5 string,rex brown played for PANTERA just in case you didnt know,my amp is a SUNN COLISEUM 300,1 cabinet 2-18s,top cab.aPEAVY WITH 1-10&2-8s,i love distortion,wah-wah,most of what you hear me do on AB.COM is only the tip of this mountain.I like to challenge myself ,always trying new things playing wise,if you listen to my lessons im sure you will find something you like,i incorporate almost every style of music,sorry no rap,or techno,i like some rap but dont need it really.bands im diggin rite now are TRAPPED,HOOBISTANK,forgive my spelling, apartment 26 are real kool perfect example of 2 styles made into 1, theres a christian band called DISCIPLE they are heavy as s---,but have a positive message I LIKE THAT,i cant deal with what i call DEVIL METAL,or someone preaching thru music,and dont mix POLITICS & music,i loved RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE,but there a perfect example of what i mean,music to me is EXPRESSION,pure feeling,its the most pure,and natural ,way to communicate ones innerself.


Play from your heart not your head,RULES are for FOOLS!!!,be yourself, dont think about it,just play to impress yourself,others wil follow.

Musical Influences

  • Cris Squire - YES, geddy lee-rush
  • Billy Sheehan- TALAS
  • Victor Wouten-- Bela Fleck& THE flecktones

Favorite Recordings

  • ac/dc anything by YES, YNGWIE ,STEVE VAI