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My name is Kevin, and I play mostly electric. I play a Warwick Corvette 4-String and a Yamaha Fretless 4-String. I play upright bass too, but I don't own one (c'mon, they're expensive!). I teach bass and theory, have played in various bands in the DC area, and have recorded a handful of stuff if you want to hear sometime.

Talk to Me!

If you need an experienced teacher/gigger, gimme a buzz at (also my Instant Messenger name). Or just hit me up and we'll talk shop.

Musical Influences

  • Victor Wooten
  • Flea
  • Ludwig von Beethoven

Favorite Recordings

  • Siamese Dream - Smashing Pumpkins
  • Before These Crowded Streets - DMB
  • Aeroplane Over the Sea - NMH