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Reformed Guitarist

This is what me bass looks like.


I started playing bass because it was easier to get gigs. Once you start playing bass the guitar just doesn't cut it anymore. I have been out of playing for a while and am just getting back into music. I mostly keep up with classical guitar and bass at this point. This is the BEST web site for Bass Guitar that I have come across. I practice playing mostly Charlie Parker heads from my old jazz class. I think these old jazz tunes are great for finger dexterity.

My Equipment

I play an early Eighties Yamaha BB2000, orange sunburst and neck thru body design. The stock pick ups offer a full punchy sound. I have been through many basses before settling on this as my main bass and it has fit like a glove for twenty years. I use an Alesis GuitarFX (Still play guitar.. trying to keep cost down)for sound processing and as a headphone AMP. It works great and has a great EQ section. My AMP is an old Acoustic Model 164 guitar amp (Again, I still play guitar). All tube design and 5 band EQ makes this an incredible sounding bass amp. The sound pumps out through an EVM 12 inch speaker and Piezo tweeter for a tight well rounded sound.

Musical Influences

  • John Paul Jones (Zep)
  • John Entwistle (The Who)
  • James Jamerson (Motown)

Favorite Recordings

  • Any Led Zeppelin
  • Any Beatles
  • Any Motown