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Welcome to my site! My name is Max and i'm a bassahollic. I'm currently in 3 bands: Squizzard (, Unibrow (formerly Madam Rose), and The Cleaning Gnomes (formerly the Shwing). What i really love to do is jst jam tho.


I currently have two basses in my collection, two amps, and one pedal.

My Basses are:

1.A s---ty short scale Gretch Electro-Matic: This is one of the worst basses i've ever played (probably second only to squires) But i was young and my arms couldn't reach 1st position on a normal bass and so i got this. It served its purpose as a crappy first bass and i will forever love it. Also when i'm famous i no someones gonna buy this piece of crap $3,000.

2.My pride and Joy: If you did not already no Mars Music went bankrupt a few months ago and auctioned off every floor model in the store. So i went down there and played the best bass i'd ever seen in my life... unfortunately this bastard outbid me $75. And so i then went another Mars auction and got it for $300... unfortunately it has some buzzes and the bridge wasn't in the right place. It's still sweet tho. It's a ESP LTD B-304 w/: -5 piece maple walnut neck-thru-body -34" 24 fret Rosewood fingerboard -Mahogany body -2 EMG 35-HZ active pickups w/ 3 band EQ -Volume and pickup balancer -String-thru-body bridge

Amps: My first amp was a Crate 15 which actually is 12 wats for some reason. It's not all that great but it's easy to carry around.

My good amp is a SWR. Its the LA series and has 60 wats of pure asskicking power behind it. I also got it at the Mars auctions for $115 (the same price as my Crate!) I love this amp.

Other little accesories: -My band records on a Korg 12 track so i use whatever effects i feel are neccesary on that. -WAH! I have a Cry Baby Q-Series spring loaded bass wah that i use a lot. It works great as a sharp funk wah or as a filter to get that cool underwatery tone or sharp clangy tone.

I love my equipment

Musical Influences

  • VICTOR WOOTEN (i learned most of my funky slap stuff from this guys website and his bass extremes cd/book))
  • Les Claypool
  • Soundgarden

Favorite Recordings

  • Sinister Minister - Flecktones
  • Electioneering - Radiohead
  • The Awekening - Les Claypool (i think it was the flying frog brigade)