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Tony Thompson

How bass came to me

Welcome! I've always loved funk genre of music. In my oppinion funk is under rated among society, but among bass players, different story. Anyways, I asked for a bass guitar for christmas of '02 and I got one. It was one of the cheap but decent Squier basspacks that included amp, bass, chords, the whole bit. Yeah its a good old bass that I love to jam with, I will soon invest in a higher quality bass. I picked up bass so quickly because of my knowledge with playing the cello for 7 years. I am all about funk, 90% of what I play is slap, I simply can not get enough of it.

Musical Influences

  • Victor Wooten

Favorite Recordings

  • Me and My Bass Guitar (Victor Wooten)
  • Classical Thump (Victor Wooten)
  • Walkabout (RHCP)

Favorite Lessons