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Sean's Bass Spot

Welcome to the Spot!

Here you will find information on my Bass learning process. I will try to keep all up to date with the new skills that I learn.

Just got the Book Harmony & Theory. I have reached the stage of learning to read music. I feel that it is a great tool to know.

What I am about

I was born in 1974. When I was growing up I was always around music. My parents seem to focus me towards sports to learn about teamwork. When I got to college all I knew was MUSIC. I didn't even watch much TV. Since I have been out of school I decided to put some focus to music. I love all kinds. Last year I met a good friend who taught himself to play the bass. At first I was going to learn to play lead guitar, but I figured that since he was learning we could learn together. I am now hooked. I try to practice daily. If I don't pick up the bass I at least try to look at some theory or scales.

Like always "Keep it in the Pocket"

Musical Influences

  • Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Jaco Pastorius
  • Adam Nitti, Brian Bromberg, Christian McBride
  • Jimi Haslip, Victor Bailey, Stanley Clarke

Favorite Recordings

  • Stanley Clarke- School Daze, Bass Extremes
  • Jing Chi, Anything by Jaco
  • Marcus Miller- M2