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Juan R Leon:Stickist,Bassist,Native American Flute

Performing at the 1st Annual Shut Up and Play! Festival in Orlando Florda

Tentlalia Fellow Bass Cadets And Tappers!

Updating my page...been a very long time!!!! Official Juan R Leon Site

Bassist/Stickist/Native American Flautist/Artist in Central Florida Member of Jupiter Groove ,an instrumental trio. Member of Lindy Romez & Sol Y Mar,an instrumental Nu-Jazz outfit featuring trumpeteer Lindy Romez.Founding member of StickCentric...a multi-instrument,improvisational trio comprised of Jeremy Birdsal (Chapman Stick,Sitar,Bass,Piano,Syhths),Reed Hayes (acoustic/electronic percussion,multi-ethnic percussion),and myself (Stick,Bass,Octave Bass,Native American Flutes),and solo performer.

><>The Lowdown<>

I have 2 mp3s here on Active Bass. The 1st one is"Jesus Wept" performed on an 8 string Carlo Robelli bass and recorded with no overdubs.The 2nd is called "Up and Away" and is an instrumental with my band Ollin. I used an Ibanez SR506 and and E Bow to create soundscapes.
Current gear list...
MIM Jazz Bass
MIM Jazz Bass V
Squire Vintage Modified Jazz Bass Fretless
Squire Jazz Bass V Affinity
Ibanez SR506
Dean Rhapsody 12 String
Spector NS-2000/4
Ovation Acoustic Bass
10 string Chapman Stick
Various ethnic flutes

Carvin Micro
Gallien Kruger RCB200
Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro
Rane EQs
Crest Audio Amps
Peavy Amps
QSC Amps
Peavy Cabs
Behringer Cabs

Other gear:
Behringer mixers
Macbook Pro running Traction and Ardour
Various pedals

Musical Influences

  • Michael Manring,David Torn,Jaco,John Patitucci,Michael Hedges
  • John Entwhistle,Geddy Lee,Steve Adelson,Fima Ephron,Phil Keaggy
  • Trey Gunn,Tony Levin,Mark Egan,Fergus Marsh,Billy Shehan,Tim Chandler,Mick Karn

Favorite Recordings

  • Trey Gunn- The Joy of Mollybdenum,The Who-Live at Leeds,Rush-Moving Pictures
  • Jaco Pastorius- Three Views of a Secret,Michael Manring-Drastic Measures & The Book of Flame,Mark Egan-A Touch of Light
  • The Choir-Speckled Bird,John Patitucci- Heart of the Bass,Michael Hedges-Taproot,Jonas Helborg-The Word,Weather Report-Heavy Weather

Favorite Lessons