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from the lower countries

Started on the bassfront in februari 1973 doing country stuff on a short scale Hondo, soon replaced by several other fine instruments, including a beautifull Rickenbacker 1800 which I sold because I thought I wanted to play guitar. Took a long break and returned some time ago when I finally realized that I can't play anything else.
I am mostly around in the chatroom. If the Java version from AB doesn't work, check HERE for an alternative

My little corner in the living room

from left to right, Warwick Streamer std, as bassic as they come, the full wooden sound of Warwick but indeed limited to just that. Next a DeArmond Pilot VI/nt, might very well be the only 6 string i will ever buy/own. Then a Washburn Taurus T24, this one is highly recommended to anybody looking for Thumb sound but is on a tighter budget, remarkable instrument at an amazing price. The dark one next is a Spector Legend 5, no need to explain on this one i guess. Then the one with the tiny strings leaning against its amp is an Ibanez ST100 (guitar, sorry). Finally a Squier Precision which has only the woodwork left, all hardware and electronics has gradually been replaced by Fender parts. Finally on the far right is a 1974 EKO Ranger 12. The thing on the right with the black and white strips is a Viscount Viva X88, bassically an Oberheim master keyboard with the sounds of the Viscount Aria digital grand built in. The amps from left to right. Warwick Sweet 15 with on top a cd player only used to play the educational cd's that come with books and magazines. A bit hidden behind the Spector is a Roland Bass Cube 30. Then a Fender Princeton 112 for the Ibanez. Hidden is an Akai AK220BK with Infinity RS8 monitors for the piano. To conclude, the silvery thing in front of the Warwick amp is a Korg AX10B processor which is mainly used as heaphone amp until i find the time to go over he manual.

Finally, just in case anybody might be wondering, the reason that I have been a bit less active on AB over the last months.


Musical Influences

  • Chris Squire, Randy Meisner, Glenn Hughes, Gary Thain
  • Roger Glover, John Wetton, John Myung

Favorite Recordings

  • Yes-Close to the edge
  • Pink Floyd-Meddle
  • Dream Theater - Scenes from a memory