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Fun Loving Bass Player! :^D

Me & Long Red!

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Hear my BASS!photo SilverFClef_zps57a14a72.jpgYin Yang BallFeel my Chi!!

Hello! And welcome to my web page! I'm a beginning Bassists. I really Love the Sound of the Bass, and I always wanted to learn to play one. I've been having a lot of FUN learning how to play the Bass!! As it should be!!!! I try to learn something everyday...There is so much to KNOW!

I retired from the US Navy Submarine force in 1995, after 20 years of service! I served on three different classes of Submarine and I worked on Nuclear Weapon and the Computer Systems that targeted and launched them. Image hosting by Photobucket

I have lived in many parts of the United States. And my favorite places are: The entire State of Colorado, San Diego, Ca. and Charleston, SC! In addition, I have visited Holy Loch, Scotland many times and Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, twice. Wonderful people live there!

I have worked in the Semi-Conductor business for more than five years and I was an Independent Contractor with Time Warner! :^) I was the Cable Guy! I installed Digital Cable and High Speed Internet service (DSL) I used work at the University of Texas, Austin! Go UT! Go Long Horns! Hook 'em!! I now work for Liberty Nation Insurance Company, in Austin, TEXAS! This is a sweet Career move for me! I am the former Duty Executive Director of the Church of Scientology of Austin, Texas

I went to school in Los Angeles, Ca, at Fremont high, Los Angeles Trade Tech, San Diego State University, National University in San Diego, Ca. & Webster University in Charleston, SC. I have a couple of degrees sticking out of my pockets...However, I'm just a person like anybody else! I have been a member of the Church of Scientology, since 1989. It has really helped me live a much Happier life! I Strongly recommend it to anyone!! Any questions, e-mail me or go to this web site: What is Scientology? Find out for Yourself!

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The Music I Like & My Gear!

No, I'm not playing in a band now. But, it is one of my goals! I have started taking Bass lessons...This is something that I have been trying to do for a long time. Now, I can finally...Get My Groove-On!!

I LOVE Jazz music and always have! I would like to play in a Blues band! Oh my, The Blues is something else!! It is not just a Musical style, but more of a FEELING, a telling of a story of Heart ache, pain, lost Love, being broke ;^( and the Harshness of Life!! It doesn't get any more Down to Earth than The Blues! Everyone has had The Blues at sometime in their lives.

I have learned a lot from some of the lesson here at It is a very good resource for me!

When I'm on First Bass, it is a Warwick Streamer Pro-M Bass. His name is "Long Red!" It has a Red flame body, four strings and 24 frets. The electronics are active. I really like it! I can change the gauges of the string that I use, really neat!! When I'm on my Second Bass, it is a Steinberger Spirit! Her name is "Sweet Ebony!" It is a wonderful Bass. It has 24 frets and the pickups are Passive. I always wanted one of these!!! When I'm on Third Bass, it is a Fender Precision. Her name is DEEP! Red Wine! It has 20 frets Single Split-Coil Pickups. When I'm, on Fourth Bass, it is a Lado Hawk Series. Her name is, Candy Apple Red! It has a thru the Body Neck, 24 frets, dual pick ups! When I'm on Filth Bass, it a Carvin LB70 Bass. Her name is Smooth Smurf! It is a Lined Fretless Neck, a Hipshot piezo bridge, 18V active/passive electronics module. When I'm on Sixth Bass, it is a Raven West Bass. Her name is 6th and Vine! Yeah, you guessed it, it is a 6 string Bass. Also, I have a Fender BXR Twenty-five amp and Fender Musicmaster Bass Tube amp.

I have a couple of other hobbies that I Love to engage in: I own three Fish tanks!!bad fish photo piranha.gif Two of them are 55 gallons and the other is 30 gallons. I also, fly Kites! I have five different types. Two of them are single string Kites and the others are dual string Kites...Stunt Kite!! They all are Very COLORFUL & Bright!!Image hosted by Also, I ride a Mountain Bike! Believe it or Not!!! Always wear your Helmet! In addition, I practice Tai Chi Chuan twice a day! I study the Yang & Chen style of Tai Chi. I also, have taken a class in Shaolin Tiger-Crane Kung-Fu! I think that I will stick to Tai Chi Chuan! I'm not as Young as I used to be!!!!! I'm enrolled in Master Goring's School of Tai Chi and Kung-Fu. It is the largest & most Successful Kung-Fu/Tai Chi school in Texas. I have my BLACK Sash in the 1st degree in Yang style Tai Chi Chuan! In December 2010, I was awarded my 2nd Degree Black Sash in Chen style Tai Chi! Got Qi?? (Chi)

I have more than 500 Albums! Records, Vinyl Records, LP's. Are you old enough to know what they are? :^) I hope your visit here was enjoyable, here at my web site! "The Greatest Joy There Is In Life Is Creating. Splurge On It!" LRH

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Noble 4

meditation photo meditationf.gifImage hosted by Photobucket.commeditation photo meditationf.gif

Please...Do not Disturb this GROOVE!


Long Red

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Sweet Ebony

La do Bass

Candy Apple Red

Fender Bass

DEEP! Red Wine


Smooth Smurf!

Raven Bass

6th and Vine. The last Raven West RB 6500 Active Electronics Bass ever made!


The JACO web site is Up & Working!

Long Live Jaco!

FUTURE bass AB photo cc1bdba5-5e6f-4838-bb56-42bae494842c_zpsb4385dcd.jpg

Space Bass! The Bass of Tomorrow!

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Musical Influences

  • B B King, James Brown, John Coltrane, Stanley Clarke, Jaco Pastorius, Carlos Santana, Charles Mungus
  • Steve Rodby, Larry Graham, Paul Jackson, James Jamerson, Jerry Jemmott, Chick Corea
  • John Paul Jones, Roscoe Beck, Sting, John Entwistle, Yusef Lateef, Cecil McBee, Lewis Johnson

Favorite Recordings

  • John Coltrane - My Favorite Things, Pat Metheny Group - We Live Here, Eddie Harris & Les McCann - Second Movement, Stanley Clarke - School Days
  • Weather Report - 8:30, Brian Bromberg - You Know That Feeling
  • Wes Montgomery - A Day In The Life, Joe Sample - Rainbow Seeker