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I'm 52 from Belleville,NJ and have been playing Bass for 40 yrs. In these 40 yrs 15 I spent playing every club in the NJ,NY,PA area. I'm a song writer and have penned and copywriten over 100 songs. When my band was out there we hit the stage with an all org.set which meant you had to keep writing at least one new song per every 3 shows to keep'em happy. I did that until I was 34 and decided to settle down and have kids. For years people tried to push me back out there and at times I miss it. But I enjoy playing for myself and kids now.It just Blows them away when there old man plays Limp Bizkit or Kid Rock, Korn or what ever else they tell me I can't play...Old Bass Players Never Die They Just Fade Away. please check out my online album Flash I Have decided recently to hit the stage again! I hook up with some real good players who wanted to put together a Classic Rock Cover Band so I went for it.We are called PHOENIXBAND we can be found at thanks for checking out my page..... rock on Rob


I've kept most of my gear which includes,a 1975 Gibson Ripper L9S which was discontinued.,1958 Hondo 2 pro Long Horn ,1978 Dean Hollywood Z,and my newest which I bought back in 1990 was a Charvel PJ series Bass.added a Epi El Segundo to my collection. Added Epiphone Embassy 4, Sx P bass, As for Amps 1977 Ampeg SVT and a Randall RB60 new Fender rumble 100 and just added a Fender P. a Nady wireless system no longer use a amp on stage DI bass driver with 4 Bose Sub woofers. and a bunch of other EQ. to much to mention.

Musical Influences

  • Geezer Butler
  • Steve Harris
  • Gene Simmons

Favorite Recordings

  • Everything and anything Ozzy or Black Sabbath has ever done
  • Kings of Leon
  • RHJP