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Hi, feel free to talk about Guild/Ibanez basses and 80's hard rock

Hi, I've playing bass 12 years. My musical influences are mostly from the classic rock era. My performing influences are from the 80's hard rock era.

11/12 UPDATE to 07/25/02 Hot-Rodding my Guild Pilot

Hi, this worked out excellent! The sound difference due to the new control is UNBELIEVEABLE! The new control is a two-in-one. Much more bass and treble. The high notes are ringing and very clear. The low notes are now much punchier. Plus you can combine the two. Now that the system is 18 volts, much more clarity can be heard. Best of all, it was my first electronics job involving a soldering iron and it was easy! Email me with any questions! (OLD POSTING) I've just ordered an EMG active electronics controller to boost my tone. It is the BTC-controller. Also, I have begun my conversion from 9volt pickups to 18 volt EMG pickups! I got the idea from this link:

Check out this site to learn the history of your Guild bass!

Hipshot D-tuners:

Musical Influences

  • John Paul Jones
  • Tommy Shannon
  • Busy, but tasteful players: Rush, Allmans, Skynyrd, John Alderete, James Jamerson etc.

Favorite Recordings

  • Too many to list in just 3 spaces!