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With my weapon of choice- My Trusty Steinberger XP-2

Some "GonzoBass Hype" From the Label-

"You could well imagine that over 20 years of playing as a solo act, sideman, instructor, studio musician and briefly as a street performer would give a musician quite a unique perspective on his instrument."

"Citing many diverse influential artists, Gonzo commands multiple techniques such as chords, harmonics, two-hand tapping, slapping, and sometimes even as much as punching his bass to enable him to capture his inner emotions and share them with his audience, both rhythmically as well as melodically."

"As you know, this definitely transcends the traditional role of his chosen instrument and as you might expect, it also makes Gonzo's talent something really to be SEEN...
as well as heard!"

J.B. - CGNK Music Corp.

A Few Sample mp3s and a Bit of Live Video -

Here are a few samples from my ALL BASS CD for you to check out.

NOTE: These files are highly compressed for speed in loading
so they are not full length or CD quality.


vid001.jpg vid002.jpg

vid003.jpg vid004.jpg

vid005.jpg vid006.jpg

Musical Influences

  • Jazz- Miles, Marcus, Jaco, Vic, Hiram Bullock, Jonas Hellborg...
  • Classical- Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Handel...
  • Rock and Blues - Vai, Sheehan, Van Halen, Stevie Ray, Hendrix...

Favorite Recordings

  • Steely Dan - Aja
  • David Sanborn - Straight to the Heart
  • Stevie Ray - Couldn't Stand the Weather