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I know it's only rock and roll... But I like it.

Here is a pic of my beloved first bass.

Hi, My name is....

Hey guys, my name is Mike. My buddies call me Spyder. I have been playing bass since late 99'. My music interests include just about everything, but my favorite music will always be rock.

My Gear

I play a 5-string Fender Mexican Jazz Bass. And a 4-string Fender P-Bass. I have had two tiny amps forever, a 15 watt prime for practice and a 15 watt peavy hooked up to my drum machine. I finally saved up enough money and got an Ampeg BA115. That puppy is sweet! My only effects are a Boss - Bass Overdrive pedal.

Favorite Recordings

  • Weezer - The Blue Album
  • Mxpx - Life In General
  • Less Than Jake - Pezcore