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Got Funk?

Soundcheck before a gig (actually my first gig!)


Rocco Is Back, But He Still Needs Your Help! Rocco Prestia ..... is the reason that I picked up the bass in the first place. He went through a successful liver transplant on 7/23/02. He is back full time with Tower of Power, BUT, the bills are still rolling in and are more than a working musician can handle. Click on the link to find out how you can donate. Thanks!

My Little World

I am very thankful for having found this site and the wonderful people who hang here!!! Lucky me, I have actually met several great AB'ers in person: Frank Ciambra, Chris Anderson, Griz (AKA - Steve Walter), and Ethan Kirkman

I play a Carvin LB 70 - it is beautiful and sounds even better! I like funk, R&B & jazz, and have recently gotten into blues.

I (finally) started taking weekly lessons in December. It has made a world of difference! Feel free to stop by my website Geckobabe's Bass-ment

Musical Influences

  • Rocco Prestia, Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Adam Nitti, Mark Van Wageningen
  • Bob Babbitt, Donald Fagen, Jaco Pastorius, Anthony Wellington

Favorite Recordings

  • There are so many....jazz, funk, R&B....