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Welcome To My AB Page

Thank you for visiting my page. There really is not alot here to see. It is a basic simple web page without all the Bells and Wistles. In a nutshell I have been playing the electric bass for over 25 years and love music and that is about it. I have played Bass in 3 Rock Bands since the late 70's. Lately I have been spending the last 5 years studying Jazz. Currently I am a student again learning Orchestrating and Arranging from a Hollywood pro. I love AB and my fellow Bass Brothers and Sisters here. they are a good group of people I enjoy Hanging with. 48980_1596760440_490_n.jpg25405_1233872259059_1596760440_30540196_25405_1233873939101_1596760440_30540198_25405_1233873299085_1596760440_30540197_261421_1801109119626_1596760440_31448339

Always Learning

Here is a big band jazz song that I arranged and composed for all the instruments using finale professional notation software. It ranked high on the charts at sound click. Hope you enjoy it.