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Brad Mock

Just Another Bass Player In Austin...

...doing My Bit To Keep It Weird!

Since I grew up in the 70's playing R&B and Rock and Blues it's just natural to want to play Jazz. Ok so I was only a guitar player then but I played string bass in the school orchestra. My senior year, 1976, I discovered Jaco & Stanley and my special purpose- Electric Bass. Since then College, a couple of few on the road with a couple of bands that almost made it. Then a year after that playing the gypsy trying out LA, Philadelphia and New York (I even got to sub several shows on Broadway). But I got homesick for bluebonnets, chicken fried steak, Tex-Mex, wide open spaces and musicians with the same musical legacy -- so I came Home.

Back Home

Since returning to Austin I've been in a number of bands and played sideman to others. I had a fusion trio called Inertia in the early 80's that rocked and groved. I've also been very fortunate to have played with some of the best guitar players and drummers in town. Until recently I played both acoustic and electric bass, but I had to retire my upright buddy due to shoulder problems. The down side is that I am finding it increasingly difficult to be taken seriously as a jazz bass player but have resorted to booking my own gigs and players and that has it's own challenges & rewards. I also run a home for wayward and under appreciated basses, some rare and unusual but they have one thing in common they were all cheap. iI have always had an interest in recording working both as a session player and many tasks on the other side of the glass since the 70's. In 2005 I started a home recording project studio that has been my obsession since then, I have successfully recorded several projects and have others in process. . While my main focus right now is 'CastAnEar' a jazz quintet of like minded players who have a grounding in the legacy of jazz but are trying to find the new future for that expression I am still involved with other bands. 2009 saw the recording and release of "Last Time Around" with Fredy Argir. I'm in an original rock band Gravelwhip in 2010 we released "Freedom For The People" recorded and mixed in my home studio. In 2011 I recorded "Magic Place" with Nardo the Band a sort of groovy retro rock project. Check them out and let me know what you think, they are all on the usual outlets like Amazon and iTunes.

Musical Influences

  • Thelonious Monk, Rahsaan Roland Kirk
  • Ray Brown, Charles Mingus, Charlie Haden
  • Jaco, Stanley, Ralphe, Anthony, Alphonso and a bunch of unknown bass players ask me Ill tell you more.

Favorite Recordings

  • Too many to list here, worked in a music stores almost 30 years.
  • I'll try to review the ones that are still available for young and old(er).