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Sean Van Holder

Lefty Bassplayer With The Heart On The Right Place....

Welcome To All Adepts Of The 4&5 Stringed Bass! (6-stringed Basses Are Guitars On Anabolic Steroids!)

Hi, I'm Sean from Belgium to be more precise from Flanders, (the Western Dutch-speaking part)
I live in Mechelen (province of Antwerp, born the 27th of March in the year 1958. As you can see I'm on the RAM-page!)
I'm the lefthanded bassplayer of UNIT, a rock/pop Looking for the right tone on a lefty bass, isn't easy at all!

My gear: Since a few days...I use a MARKBASS CMD102P combo, the one with the Little Mark amp and the 2x10 yellow coned neodymium speakers in combination with a Markbass MoMark 500 and Markbass 4x10 cabinet. I have expanded my rig with a Line6 Bass Floor Pod and it's a great toy to play with...?ui=2&ik=1241eab997&view=att&th=129834bb
My basses: My main bass is a SCHECTER STILETTO CUSTOM 5-string bass and my back-up is a KEN SMITH DESIGN Proto-J 705 natural lefty bass. I couldn't help buying a 5-string Ortega acoustic bass for the "unplugged" sessions. Recently I bought a fretless 5-string Yamaha cheapo bass, just for practice and for fun. I'm using a genuine GL strap:
?ui=2&ik=1241eab997&view=att&th=129834bb Great custom made stuff...elegant, solid and real Italian leather, straplocks standard included!

My guitar(s) (well, I have to show the guitarists in the band how my songs go...): I've traded the IBANEZ V-300L lefty acoustic guitar for a semi-acoustic RICHWOOD SD-18CL and bought a secondhand lefty RICHWOOD professional Strat copy, I need more space on the wall of my musicroom!... You can visit my bass-website at My Bass Collection

My Absolute Favourites:

Sir Paul McCartney (being my lefthanded rock'n'role model, off course... ?ui=2&ik=1241eab997&view=att&th=129834bb?ui=2&ik=1241eab997&view=att&th=129834bb
John Paul Jones, Chris Squire, Flea, Roland Orzabal (Tears for Fears), Colin Moulding (XTC) and many others...

If you're a lefty, handy things can be found at this site! REMEMBER

Oh, by the way, I LOVE TONS OF PUNS!

Musical Influences

  • Mozart / Bach / Beatles / Redbone / The Doobie Brothers / RHCP /
  • Yes / Led Zeppelin / U2 / XTC / Capercaillie (I love Scotland and I have a License to Kilt!))
  • Stackridge/The Police/Coldplay/Kaiser Chiefs

Favorite Recordings

  • ALL REDBONE - CAPERCAILLIE : "From Dusk till Dawn" - YES: "Fragile" - ALL BEATLES