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Hi, my name is Wes and I love music. Some use a number of things in life to vent there feelings on. I find that music is the thing that helps me most. I've been playing a musical instruments since the 5th grade. Started playing the trumpet, then the music teacher moved me to tuba due to me being the biggest kid at the time in band. We were a poor school and I remember having to carry a concert tuba while marching. LOL! Anyway I started playing bass guitar around the age of 16-17. My first idle was Cliff Burton. I loved how he didn't just sit in the back and hold the key for the other instruments. Later I got into more of a funk mixed with metal. I grew up with my mother and one of my sisters dancing to funky dance music on the old console stereos from back in the day. True bass! I got into rap in the early 80's. I've played with blues, metal, punk, southern rock, blue grass, country, classical musicians. I have to say that a funky dance type music is my favorite music to play. I got into playing guitar due to the crunch of the distortion and how you can mute the string to get a almost violin effect while scaling. Anyway, a little about my self. I've been a member of ActiveBass since 2000. I love the lessons on this site. I enjoy talking with other bass players and seeing new ways of thinking about playing. I've wrote some lessons and read and listened to alot. I hope to see some of yours. Check me out at or search me on YouTube. Have it good! New song I'm working on.


Musical Influences

  • Almost all music
  • Infectious Grooves
  • Pantera

Favorite Lessons