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A Tad Bit Disfunctional

walk tall and carry a big bass

I'm 6'7", with long lanky fingers and i have fallen in love. I love the bass. Ever since i was a kid i have been bouncing my head to music. There is only one joy better than listening to music, and that is creating it yourself.

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My Soap Box

This will be my little cubby hole on the web to post my abundance of thoughts and feelings on all different subjects. I have a lot of opinions and I should update this on a regular basis just to keep you posted on what is klanking around in my little head.

So here is what has been bothering me lately. The state of our westernized culture. Broad you say? yes. Too big to post on this homepage? yes. But I just wanted to leave a little reminder that when you get up in the morning and you throw back the covers that were made by some child in a factory for 3 cents and hour and you go downstairs and you eat your over processed sugared cereal and you get in your overly fancy car and listen to your manufactured for the masses music on your way to the job that you hate, or on the way to school so you can get the job that you hate, remember, that the things that are important don't get advertised on TV and don't cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. They can't be bought, or sold or packaged by the capatilistic economy that we live in. The things that matter are inside of you and they are the things that you say to yourself when you are completely alone and completely quiet. They are the sounds that you make on your bass if you take away all of the commercialized crap that society makes us think is important. Buy your cars, and your toys, and go to your jobs, but remember to listen to yourself every once in a while. And last but not least, realize that I am a hypocrite, because I want the cars and the money and the good job just like everyone else, but it doesn't make you who you are.

Musical Influences

  • Dave Matthews Band
  • Too many Jazz and Blues musicians to name.
  • Jeff Elking - my roommate, said to me "hey why don't you pick up that bass over there" Thanks, Jeff

Favorite Recordings

  • Sticky Nickles and Pocket Fuzz - its not really a recording, just a thought on a band name or maybe the title to an album. It would be about all the things you carry with you in your "pockets"

Favorite Lessons