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Jonathon Harold Hermansen

What I am:

I am an ardent student of both theology and philosphy, also I have a degree in History, and politics, thus all fields of that which is the liberal arts, I possess. My greates philosphical influeces are Hagel, and Kant, also I am an admirer of Aquinas, and trust me I use these influences to shape my views of music.

Pink Floyd as an engine:

My whole musical philosphy stemms from Pink Floyd, because they were the portal that lead me throught the doors of a fabricated reality, to that of a world of possible mysticism and revelation, and this discovery has given me material for reflection that has lasted decades. Also Floyd has given me the keys to the world of classical composition. Thus, I can honestly say that without them, today, I would still be listening to Zeplin, thus I give eternal thanks to Pink Floyd, for they are exogenesis of my musical mind.

Musical Influences

  • Pink Floyd/King Crimson/E.L.P/Iron Maiden/Slayer
  • Bach/Handle/Mozart/Rachmaninov
  • Herbie Hancock/Robert Johnson/Wes Montgomery/John Mcloughlin/

Favorite Recordings

  • Saucerfull of Secrets(The scariest album ever made)
  • King Crimson Lizard
  • Soft Machine volume one and two