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Still Deranged, Tired But Happy

Me and My Love Bug

Just Saw Tony Levin at TCAN

Tony Levin and Band at TCAN in Natick, MA was just wonderful. Check out his new album if you get a chance, and those old ones aren't bad either.

Played bass for the first time in months last night. I'm terrible, but I had a good time. I hope I can learn to fit it into my life again!

The little one is 7 1/2 months old now. She clapped her hands and made noise for the first time this morning, so technically she now has her first percussion instrument! She ate her first rice cake yesterday, and she can almost sit up.

Latest Listening List

Motown hits again - those never get old. King Crimson's Heavy Construkction (Live album from Construkction of Light tour). Just like the Fambly Cat, the (unfortunately) Swan Song for Grandaddy. Not into a lot of these new bands, but The Killers are good fun, and Keane really speaks to me...maybe it is my age?

Musical Influences

  • James Jamerson
  • Carlos D.
  • Tony Levin
    • Mike Mills

Favorite Recordings

  • Radiohead, "The Bends"
  • King Crimson, "The Construkction of Light"
  • The Four Tops, "Greatest Hits"