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Twisted Camaro rock, medium-rare.

Manifest List. Give us your Oakley Bladez

choo choo

yer on a desolate flat spot in the middle of the arizona/new mexico desert. the only thing for miles is the train track right next to you. wilting in the unforgiving late summer heat, ya hear a train blow its horn, very far away. Never move from next to the track, and wait. the rumbling gets louder. eventually, the train comes into view, and you can hear the roar of it's engines. it passes you, blowing you backwards, kicking dust up. the wind from its passage cools for a few minutes, and then its gone. Now deaf, you think "That's April's band".

My band stuff (last updated 03/03/03) New and Improved! Now with pictures!

My influences (all in ONE place! ooohh..) are these dudes

you- immortalized forever in pixels (Shameless plug)

you may have seen them around... those silly cartoon pictures of people with their basses.. you want one? send me a note and i'll see what i can see.

(update in March 04) I still have a list of people who want scribbles. I'll start working on them, in the order i got them, and hopefully i'll get through them all in a reasonable amount of time. Thanks for being patient. :)

Members who have been immortalized with an April scribble:

Steven Smith (the first one)

Lesa McCabe

Jim Glen

Pelle Wind

Be cool! Join the crowd! You know you want to... all the other cool people are doing it.

Here are some Japanese phrases everyone should know:
Nanashi no nihon no michi no kado ni imasu! I'm at the crossroads of two nameless streets!

Kono ika o kette mo kamaimasen ka? Mind if i kick this squid?

Sono kaeru o nameru na. Genkaku o okosaseru. Do not lick that frog. It is hallucinogenic.

Musical Influences

  • Train wrecks
  • Scratched records
  • Sticky lifters

Favorite Recordings

  • Every time i think of one
  • i end up thinking of 10 more
  • Today it's "Answering Machine" by the Replacements