Electric Fretted 4-String Bass

Description Swiss made standard bass, available in 4 colours and 1 limited edition per year, with Duvoisin's special patented bridge (one bridge per string) and home made active pickups.
Posted By Pierre Caamilleri (9)
Directory Equipment: Basses
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On 5/22/2015, Pierre Caamilleri (9) posted:
Overall Rating:
Again, a biased opinion as I own part of the company, yet I am also a bass player, and part of the reason why I invested in it was to create the instrument that I would like to buy... Overall, price wise, I consider the bass to be a very fair deal, in considering the innovating features it offers to the bass player at a price, which can be considered as competitive.
DISCLOSURE: biased rating, as I own part of the company. Yet, most professionals that have tried our 34" scale, 22 fret basses are very impressed with the quality and power of the sound. The big features are the bridge and the active pickups. They are the differentiator. Body and neck are made in Indonesia, in a small factory that also builds for well-known brand names. But we then assemble the instrument in our workshop in Switzerland with our bridges, pickups and electronics. All hardware (tuners and knobs) come from Gotoh, the rest (electronic plate, bridge, pickups... are made in Switzerland). Pickups are split coil humbuckers, one neck and one bridge pickup. The bridge has a unique innovation, the "diffusor" that is encased in the body of the instrument, driving the sound generated from the vibration of the string into its very heart, enhancing considerably its sustain.
It's our standard range, so playability is not the same as our custom or "fat standard" versions, but the even the most demanding bassist should be more than satisfied.
Sound Quality:
Biased rating again! But that's one of our strong suits. A 3volt onboard preamp (yes only 3volt), considerably reducing noise, and increasing bandwidth considerably... the result is a very powerful output and cristal clean and deep sound.
Like all active pickups, you rely on battery life, but the fact that it uses little power, makes the battery life longer (I've played mine 3 years now, an average of 1 hour a day and still haven't changed the 2 AA batteries). The bass itself is very well finished and wood quality is good, durability should not be an issue, if treated decently.