Electric Fretted 4-String Bass

Description Retrovibe basses are designed and sold by ProBass in the UK, manufactured in short-runs in China. The result is well-made and affordable. A cross between a Music Man StingRay (neck/electronics) and a Ric (italicized 4000 series body style).
Posted By Joel Veatch (35)
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On 1/16/2015, Joel Veatch (35) posted:
Overall Rating:
I love this bass. It is unique, beautiful, and delivers a huge range of sounds. I recommend ProBass and David Konig, the guy who designs and sells these things. He does such short runs on manufacturing these, that every model becomes a collectable. And every player who sees it wants to play it.
Retrovibe basses are manufactured in limited runs in China, designed and sold in UK. This model has a beautiful, high-gloss "blue-burst" (basswood) body with white binding, and a bolt-on, 34-inch scale, a 20 fret P-style maple neck and headstock in a gloss natural finish. Tuners are open, top-side, 4 in a row (like a Fender). Music Man-style bridge. 2 passive Music Man-style humbucker pick-ups (wired with push-pull pots to switch the humbuckers between series and parallel independently for a wide sonic palette). VVTT controls + pick-up selector switch, similar to a Rickenbacker.
Plays nice, feels exactly like a Fender Precision. Hangs nice - well-balanced. I personally prefer slimmer necks - Jazz-style or Ric, but it's solid and would make a Music Man or Precision fan very happy.
Sound Quality:
The two MM-style humbuckers wired series and parallel give you a wide sound palette. The electronics are silent even around fluorescents, computers and other RF sources. This is probably the most traditional sounding bass I own - lots of low end, and happy to rumble your nuts off. I personally prefer super-bright sounds, and this bass I have to work to get there. Maybe I need brighter strings for prog rock. But, this is a really good tone-machine.
I think it's really well-made, but I bought it new, and am babying it, so I have no idea how it would hold up gigging bars and outdoor festivals. I want to give it a 5 for durability because it is SOLID, but only time will tell.