Ortega D1-5LE Five String Acoutstic Bass

Acoustic Fretted 5-String Bass

Description Lefty 5-string electro-acoustic bass equipped with Fishman Presys PU, built-in tuner and phase button. Rosewood fretboard, natural body, high-gloss finish
Posted By Sean Van Holder (32672)
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Member Reviews

On 7/22/2014, Sean Van Holder (32672) posted:
Overall Rating:
Warmly recommended for any lefthanded bassplayer who wants to get "unplugged"! Excellent price/quality ratio, you won't find another acoustic bass for that price and usefulness!
I've heard Ortega is a division of Roland. Probably built in Asia. Very nice finish, volume, tone, tuner and phase buttons.
Playing an acoustic bass means more work for the fingers! But it still plays wonderful! In case of amping the bass, a black rubber feedback killer in the soundhole is generally needed.
Sound Quality:
The bass is hooked up on a Markbass MoMark 600 Watt with Markbass 4x10 bass cabinet. This bass is used for gigs in caf├ęs and bars where owners want a "cozy" band, this means a band that doesn't play LOUD! So along with the acoustic guitars, simple percussion (cajon and other stuff) this means a very intimate way of playing music in a band...
This bass came with trimlocks, a nice leather guitarstrap, a very nice padded bag with lots of room for strings, straps etc.