Gibson 2014 EB4

Electric Fretted 4-String Bass

Made by Gibson

Description Gibson 2014 EB 4 Vintage Sunburst Bass with Case
Posted By Sean Dyer (74)
Directory Equipment: Basses
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On 7/10/2014, Sean Dyer (74) posted:
Overall Rating:
Bad craftmanship
Gibson EB 4-String 2014 Electric Bass Guitar with Case Review I just recently purchased a Gibson EB 4-String 2014 Electric Bass Guitar with Case, I was very excited when it first arrived. I opened the case just to find one of the case latches very loose, the rivet not installed correctly. Ok I thought, shit happens. I can fix it, so I did. When I opened the case I found a very cool looking bass, Vintage Sunburst, Babitz Bridge, Gotoh Tuners (advertised as Grovers but not) in a tan case that was very weak with guitar case candy not bass guitar. Ok. Not good so far. I Contacted Gibson USA and was told this is what it comes with-OK. I started playing this good looking sunburst nitro painted beauty and it played ok. Two days later I picked it up to play, let the neck slide through my hand and the frets in the lower part of the neck cut my hand. I checked the neck and found the neck relief was at .030 at the 12 fret! I loosened the strings, tightened the truss rod and let it set. The next day I retuned it and set the intonation. It was still very high and the frets needed dressing. The only thing I can say good for this bass is the pickups, they sounded great. What happened to American Craftsmanship? Is it REALLY American Craftsmanship? I am starting to doubt it! I sent this bass back and purchased another Fender Jazz Bass American Standard from American Musical. Great company, Great SERVICE! This Gibson EB4 was a very disappointing bass, new design possibly? I don't know. Better QUALITY CONTROL!, I hope so! Find a floor model and play it, it might be a good one. Thanks, Sean.
Bad Neck
Sound Quality:
Great sounding pickups
Do not know, only kept it one week