Mel Bay's Deluxe Jazz And Rock Bass Method

by Vincent Bredice

(1981) Mel Bay Publications, Inc. #1-5622-2024-1

Description Provides a musical foundation and expertise technique and theory in the jazz and rock idioms, ear training, transposition, modulation, syncopation, duets, progressions, substitutions, and much more are covered in this extensive volume. Notation only.
Posted By Glen Canaday (13)
Directory Books/Tab: Theory/Fundamentals
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On 10/27/2012, Glen Canaday (13) posted:
Overall Rating:
This book covers everything a bassist *needs* to know. Anything else is extra. If you want to learn to slap, tap, need soloing advice, et cetera, look elsewhere. This book teaches how to play, and how to play only. It contains all of the basics that a beginning player will need and that an experienced player can always use a refresher on. The pros of this book are that it includes a thorough treatment of theory and note reading. At the beginning it guides the beginner through how to properly hold the bass and how to tune it, and by the end of it, the player is improvising jazz lines over some pretty crazy chord progressions. The cons are that the book is not particularly well written. Everything is on order and everything is there, but the phrasing seems somewhat amateur and dated. I've never seen anything else by the same author so I have nothing from the same guy to compare it to. It's possible it was simply edited funny. NOTE: This book neither teaches nor contains any tablature whatsoever. It teaches how to read a proper musical staff right from the outset and much of the instruction is given in that way. This is in fact a very, very good thing.
Suitable for all skill levels of bassists