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Description Huge selection of user submitted reviews for basses, amps, strings, and more.
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Member Reviews

On 6/20/2002, Andy Proud (2981) posted:
Overall Rating:
Very simple and very easy not as complete as harmony central but not bad
On 6/26/2001, Peter Tremont (1110) posted:
Overall Rating:
Great tool, but not very good looking. I don't know if it's my computer but some of the pages wouldn't load when I clicked on them. Very useful because the site's information is self contained, it wasn't just a bunch of links like some pages. I liked how it had a review for all the products I wanted to look for. I definitely will use this site in the future.
On 5/31/2001, Bryan Mott posted:
Overall Rating:
Not a perfect site, but he has a large number of usefull reviews, and has made an effort to produce an informational site. His efforts have paid off. I rate his site excellent!
On 11/29/2000, Camron Uriarte (399) posted:
Overall Rating:
Not a very pretty site. By that I mean it's not necessarily professionaly done. However, it does have a lot of reviews of bass gear from users that can help you discern what's good and what's not. Great tool if you're buying something without trying it out first.