Hohner B Bass VI

Electric Fretted 6-String Bass

Made by Hohner

Description This is a six string bass with a maple body and a 34" scale through neck. The hardware is a kind of smokey chrome. The tuners are small open backed types licensed by Hipshot. It has 2 active pickups and EQ.
Posted By Colin Kempster (641)
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On 12/24/2005, Colin Kempster (641) posted:
Overall Rating:
You always have to consider the price when providing an overall opinion. Bearing this in mind - it is a superb instrument, but one that can be substantially improved with a little investment. i tried this against a low end Ibanez, and this felt substantially better all round. I'm pretty sure I'd replace this if it were stolen, but I'd certainly mod the electrics again. In time, I may upgrade the brisge and tuners to improve the cosmetics - in terms of function, they are fine.
Model Year: 2004
Price: $399.00 UK Pounds (new)
Where Obtained: The Bass Cellar - denmark street
This is a Korean bass, that has benefitted from good quality control, as is, in my opinion, quite usual for Hohner. The body is made from attractive pieces of maple with a see though satin finish. The grain is quite attractive, and i think it looks quite classy. It has a through neck with 24 frets and a very dark rosewood fingerboard. The neck benefits from dual trussrods, though I've never had to touch these. The neck is a 5 piece laminate with three main maple pieces, interspersed with thinner strips of a darker wood. Two more thin dark strips sit between the join between the neck and body wings making for an attractive finish. The front of the headstock is finished in gloss black with a tasteful 'H' in silver emblazoned. The truss rod access is via the headstock and is covered by a plastic bell shaped plate a la Gibson. In terms of electronics, there are two (no name) active pickups, each with their own volume contol, and an active two band preamp with a stacked bass/treble knob. There is a switch to disable the preamp, although this will not save you if the battery dies as the pickups are active. Bizzarely, without a battery, half the pickup still works! An LED shows whether the EQ is switched in or not. There is a hole in the electronics cavity cover to allow access to a oot that balances the volume of the bass with EQ 'in' against the volume with it 'out'. With the EQ switched 'out' there is no tone control. The bridge is fairly substantial, although the saddle screws stick out quite a bit and can be intrusive. There is no option for through body stringing. Tuners are licensed by Hipshot, small open backed affairs that work smoothly and stay in tune - one can ask for no more! There is astrap button (as usual) on the top horn, but two on the bottom of the bass. Not only does this allow for alternative strap position, it also means the bass will stand a lot more safely when leant against something - handy if you forget your stand.
One of the big plusses about this instrument is it's playability. Having small hands, I was dubious about trying a six, but with a very slim (in terms of depth) neck, and close together strings, coupled with an extremely low action, this bass plays like a dream. Access to the dusty end is very good, and it balances reasonably well both sitting and standing. It is a weighty beastie, but that's only to be expected from a six, and it's not as heavy as my Spector 5.
Sound Quality:
As this bass comes, I have to knock points off for the sound quality, which is a shame, as with decent electronics, this bass can be so much better. The EQ that comes fitted is about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike. The sound is heavily compressed, and the top boost sounds really brittle. The resonance of the bass acoustically is superb, and with the benefit of fitting an aftermarket EQ the pickups sound darn good too. I've now fitted an EMG BQC Control set - 2 x volume, stacked bass/treble,and stacked mid boost/freq and now it sounds awesome, with some great finger funk sounds available through jusicious use of the mid controls. I don't have an issue with the 34" scale - the low B sounds fine, and the string volume is generally consistent across the board.
Generally, I'd say this bass is strong. In terms of construction, it's built like a brick outhouse. I had some electronic glitches before I modded it and these are difinately it's weak point, so points lost there. The hardware finish looks cheap in my opinion. It hasn't taken the brisge saddles long to tarnish and i don't think the tuners will be far behind.