Electra Phoenix

Electric Fretted 4-String Bass

Made by Electra

Description Basswood body(i think, because its so soft and cheap) maple neck with rosewood fingerboard. P-J pickup configuration.
Posted By Toby Holcomb (2323)
Directory Equipment: Basses
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On 10/23/2005, Toby Holcomb (2323) posted:
Overall Rating:
If you get one for free or your just starting out and can find one for less than 80 bucks or so then its worth it, otherwise I would avoid one.
Price: $0.00
Where Obtained: a friend decided I should play again and gave it to me as a project
Made in Japan, from what I have found on the net at the same plant that made Aria Pro, and a slew of other cheap basses in the 80's Originally it had a two switches, a toggle switch near the volume and tone controls, and another switch located on the upper horn. I am unsure of the original function of the switches, because they didnt work when I recieved the bass. I do know that it originally had 2 tone controls and a master volume for the switches. The pickups are passive and the control cavity is unshielded and poorly routed. Has a jazz bass style neck, with large inline tuners Bridge is very basic. nothing fancy at all also it has a brass nut, but I dont think that was an original feature.
Since I have had it professionally setup and I rewired and reconfigured the tone and volume controls (now its wired like a fender jazz, 2 volumes one tone) it plays ok and stays in tune. Also it has held intonation thru out the neck after setup:) thankfully Due to the fact that the necks radius is very uneven (not smooth at all across the back) it can become uncomfortable to play. But for what I invested in it, it will do for the moment
Sound Quality:
Before I modified it and had it setup it was completly unplayable. Without a decent amp or effects this bass is very flat on its on.
When I recieved it, the bass was probably nearing 20yrs old and the wiring was shot, the solder joints were very poor and the grounding was horrible. The neck on the other hand has held up amazingly well. Strap button on upper horn, came out the first time I played standing up :(