Yamaha BBN5A

Electric 5-String Bass

Made by Yamaha

Description This bass is basically the same as the BBNathanEast Signature model, except that it has a rosewood fingerboard instead of ebony and a maple top instead of a figured maple top. Everything else is the same.
Posted By Jase Angst (11)
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On 6/8/2005, Jase Angst (11) posted:
Overall Rating:
I bought this because I wanted a pro bass. To me this is an equal to the Nathan East model for a few grand cheaper. I believe is is quite a rare bass. I usually play ebony fingerboard instruments but I found the rosewood to be fine. THe active pickups make this a very versatile instrument. Its no Alembic but it still is a great bass. Jase.
Model Year: 2000
Price: $0.00 AUD (new)
Where Obtained: Yamaha employee
Made in Japan - special order It comes in Alder Maple cap (top), Neck is maple bolt-on, Roewood Fretboard w/ Abalony block style Inlays (actually its segmented), comes in Gold Harware (Solid Brass, Gold Plated), Controls: (5) Master Volume, pan, bass cut/boost, treble cut/boost, user definable mid range (Custom 3-band EQ-completely tweekable user settings through rear cavity controls), at 34" Scale (rumor that Nathan's a 36")
Neck is a tad wide but I like it. It is also quite solid (read heavy), but the tone makes up for this. Having the three position (off, 1, 2) user definable eq is very cool. You have a second set of tone controls in the rear cavity and these are activated by the 3 way switch on the front. Very easy bass to play with a huge variety of tones.
Sound Quality:
I h ave read reviews saying that the active electrics (alnico soap bar pick ups) are slightly "hissy". I have not noticed this. They are not as quiet as a set of EMG's but the hiss is only nitocable when the gain is huge and the room is silent. In use i find htis bass to be very quiet.
It is YAMAHA. Therefore it is built to tackle WW III and still come back for more. I found 1 volume knob camne loose. I tighened it up with a screwdriver - fixed. Never had any other problem. THe battery lasts fo ages too.