Road Hog 5m Standard Cable

Made by Road Hog

Description Standard bass cable, 5m in length. I believe other lengths are available.
Posted By Jack Huffman (224)
Directory Equipment: Parts/Accessories
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On 6/2/2005, Jack Huffman (224) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is just what it sounds like, you're standard durable bass cable. If that's all you are looking for, go no further than this cable...
Price: $15.00 CDN (new)
Where Obtained: Steve's Nusic, Ottawa, ON, Canada
This is a standard bass cable, so other than it being 5 metres in length and gold plated plugs, there is not much to say. For a practice cable, which is what I use it for, 5 metres is a bit too long, but what are you going to do.
Road Hogs are in my opinion one of the more durable cables out there. They have a sort of rubber coating that seems to take the crush from stepping on it, dust and dirt and random cuts and scratches very well.