SWR Goliath II

500W Cabinet (4 x 4")

Made by SWR

Description Tee classic SWR 4x10 of the nineties
Posted By Max Bass (2781)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 2/9/2005, Max Bass (2781) posted:
Overall Rating:
Powerful compact, good sounding cab A little mid scooped, tight low end but not so deep (-6 dB at 40 Hz). Ideal for faster music, requires a 15 or 18 companion for full low range reproduction. With 103 dB its still an efficient cab, even if it was engineered about 15 years ago. Last year of production 1996. I owned this cab for about one year and a half. I made a great deal when I bought it, and so I was able to sell it for more than the money I bought it!
Price: $400.00 euro
Where Obtained: private seller
8 ohm, 500 watts RMS, 103 dB SPL @ 1W1M, frequency response -6dB @ 40 Hz and 12KHzTwo input jacks, one banana. Full adjustable tweeter attenuator PAS 10 woofers, Fostex Horn driver Rear ported. Better handles than any other cabinet I ever owned, apart from its little sister Basic 2-Way (which had exactly the same handles)
Sound Quality:
Ive been always satisfied with this cabinet. I used it with a SM400S before (400 watts @ 8 ohm) and with a Eden WT550 later (300 watts @ 8 ohm). It was quite loud alone, but I usually matched it with a 15 SWR Basic 2-Way. Those cabs together worked very well, and allowed for almost flat head settings. It was born for slap and pop, but It worked very well even in my hard rock and hardcore bands. For a short period I used it together with an Ampeg BSE 410H (not mine) and it was so much better in comparison, all sound pressure and definition came from the Goliath.
I bought it used and sold it in perfect conditions. Speakers were all right, and the cabinet was aesthetically very good. Sturdy grill.