Ibanez AW7 AutoWah

Multi-Effects Pedal

Made by Ibanez

Description This pedal has the wahwah sound and you can also combine that with distortion.
Posted By Charlie Risius (403)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 8/29/2004, Charlie Risius (403) posted:
Overall Rating:
This was the only wah pedal in stock but it had the added bonus of distortion which I wasn't looking for but it's lots of fun. You can get great sounds out of it. One thing is that the "Tone Lok" doesn't work for pure Wah without distortion so I get blisters because you have to hit every note **** hard to get a good sound. Not good for incredibly fast wah playing, not that I ever do that...
Where Obtained: Guitar shop,
You can adjust Sens, Manual, Drive (for the distortion) and Level. It is battery powered - 9V - but you can get an AC adapter for it.
Sound Quality:
I use it with my OLP Stingray bass and Kustom 9 watt amp. I play funk and the wah and the wah+distortion works well for that. When I feel in a metal mood I can hit the distortion and I don't look back.
Ease of Use:
It doesn't need a lot of fiddling because in the owners manual it has 3 settings to use - "Funky Rhythm", "Hard Wah", and "Fixed Wah Solo". A quick search on the net revealed many more. It also has a helpful light to tell you when it's on - gotta be a 5 star.
It feels a very tough unit and after some punishment in my bedroom and in a sea of 6 guitarists playing around me (Ughhhh!) it stood up well. Heavy duty stuff.