Fender Prodigy Bass (Very Rare, Looks Like Aerodone, But Has Dotted Frets)

Electric Fretted 4-String Bass

Made by Fender

Description This is an awesome bass, macduff from gnr usually plays one, its very simular to the aerodone, has a p/j combination, and is very hard to find
Posted By Brian Stewart (157)
Directory Equipment: Basses
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Member Reviews

On 7/7/2004, Brian Stewart (157) posted:
Overall Rating:
I chose this one because it is a rare, beautiful sounding bass And i would definately by this one again if something happend to my existing one To make it better i would need to paint it My favorite aspect is the look of it, but the paint and dings i could do without
Price: $400.00
Where Obtained: not sure
US Body is alder, neck is maple, rosewood fingerboard 20 frets, 4 String 2 volume knob, 1 tone knob P/J combination Active electronice Factory Pickups Satin finish Jazz Body Style Custom Bridge, String thru, and Top Loading Silver Locking Machine Heads
I can very well do what i want and play what i want with this bass The Neck does not affect my playing ability at all Well, as for the sound, it sound better than a p-bass but i like a jazz is just a little more spicier There is a few dings here and there and plays itself out of tune every now and then
Sound Quality:
I have a Peavy 115, 200W with an ibanez tube This bass plays punk style music very well And is very suitable for any other style of music The only bass i have played that sound better is the Am. Jazz Im gonna take out the pickups and put emg's on this bass Never feeds back It sounds a hell of a lot better when it is played loud and hard
Very good for gigs, and live music I reset the intonation, and retune it about every week I have to saulder a couple wires when i got it but its in pretty good condition electrical wise Plays very well is any climate