DigiTech PDS 2000 Two Second Digital Sampler


Made by DigiTech

Description 125millisecond to 2 second delay With the additional fun times of sampling!!! ...and you will recognize this pedal at the pawn shop by its Dark Blue hue, dual pedals, and number of knobs and switches....
Posted By Chris Grimmoire (133)
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On 5/18/2003, Chris Grimmoire (133) posted:
Overall Rating:
I love it. After finding this one, I have become a bit of a collector. Most of these other Digitechs have worked...some have not. Once you get used to the controls...you realize just how much you have purchased for how little. Ten times the power and clarity of most "new" digital delays. Easy to adjust, dependable...so many possibilities with the knobs...you can play-delay-sample....
Model Year: 1984
Price: $25.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Pawn Shop
Effect on/off pedal Sample trigger pedal 2 second/500 millisecond/125 millisecond switch delay time knob Regeneration knob (delay repetition) Mix (delay mix wet/dry signal mixture) Normal/trigger/sample effect formats output gain input gain mono input/mono output trigger input 10 volt ac/dc power supply or 9 volt battery (on top) Trigger option works with an outboard pedal...that does not come with the pedal. However, the regular delay effect, along with the sampling...operate normally.
Sound Quality:
For a digital delay...excellent sound reproduction. About par for course for higher quality digidelays... less signal decay than analog. Generally regenerates signals well, add a lil treble to your mix if it's not coming through with force.
Ease of Use:
One stompbox with two footswitches, two toggles, and five knobs is going to be a lil daunting for "plug'n'play" sorts. Excellent delay pedal. Samples only one phrase at a time, but allows for overlapping... Often times, old Digitech pedals come with their own lil issues. This one came from the factory with the 2 second delay toggle backwards...setting it two 125 milliseconds was the actual 2 second setting... Keeping the input/output gains at 5-6 is a good way to keep the signal flowing. Balancing the mix around 50% will ensure that both your virgin signal, and your delayed signal are registering. Many make the mistake of plugging into the "trigger" input instead of the Input input...don't be that guy. Also, depending upon a 9 volt battery to do the job of a 10 volt ac adapter for long is such a great idea...I suggest doing so onstage, in front of large audiences. Also, be sure not to change your strings for a month, leave your fly down, and wear spandex.
This pedal has lasted for many moons onstage. Yours may not. Early digitech pedals are a lot like early Electro Harmonix, or Dallas Arbiters...you never know whether or not yours is possessed by spirits. This pedal has done well over 3 years onstage, night after night. Other Digitechs have not worked since the day I found them. This particular pedal stopped working after someone borrowed it. After sitting for a month, it worked again like new, and has never offered the least problem. Maybe it was tired? These are not produced anymore, but at least people at Digitech acknowledge its existence. They will help if they can.