Ampeg PR410HLF

1200W (4 x 4")

Made by Ampeg

Description Pro Series 4x10 ported cabinet
Posted By Henry Jr. Israel (739)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 4/10/2003, Henry Jr. Israel (739) posted:
Overall Rating:
As I said, it's like a 4x10, but on steroids.
Where Obtained: Granny's Music in OKlahoma City
600/1200 watts. Knob on back for attenuator 4ohm's
Sound Quality:
I ran my Stingray5, and now my Roscoe Lg3005 through an M-pulse600 into the cab. It's never balked! Nice lows, crisp highs.
Ease of Use:
Well, you plug in the cord, and play?? How hard is it to use a cabinet? The only knock here, is at 128 lbs. it might be a little heavy for some. But this is not your normal 4x10. It's more like a 4x10 on steroids.
Very reliable. Never had a lick of problem, other than evey once in a while having to change the lightbulb (fuse).