Aria Pro II MAB 09 Magna Series

Electric Fretted 4-String Bass

Made by Aria Pro II

Description Although I purchased this bass for almost 300 Euros I can say I'satisfacted.It's neck is designed is designed for fast descending and ascending.Apart from that my friends agree that it is pood looking.
Posted By Readerson Elias (44)
Directory Equipment: Basses
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On 3/14/2003, Readerson Elias (44) posted:
Overall Rating:
Higher quality's electronics in my opinion would transform this bass! However I recommend MAB 09 to starters for its price is not high and its visual appeal is on good levels.
Where Obtained: A music store in Athens.
My bass is built in China.It has 22 frets and features 2 pickups(a P one and a J one)which provide a satisfactory variety of tone.Each pickup has its volume control and there's a third for the tone.Its electronics are passive.
It's playability is not excellent but it's a good solution for slowly evolving players.