Yorkville BassMaster 400

400W Combo (1 x 1")

Made by Yorkville

Description "The Yorkville BassMaster 400 was designed with the needs of professional bass guitar players in mind. This bass amplifier's high dynamic headroom handles the most demanding playing styles. It also features a passively cooled high efficiency amplifier"
Posted By Andrew Jackson-Smith (2647)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 8/2/2002, Andrew Jackson-Smith (2647) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at the Fender Bassman 200 and 400, as well as the BM200 and the Ernie Ball Audiophile (which came in a pretty close second, but space was a consideration.) When I was a guitartist, I was a YS patron, and they didn't let me down! I would definitely replace this amp with another BM400 if something were to happen to it. The amp could be better if it were'n covered in carpet, it's very difficult to keep clean. I'm wondering what it would sound like with a 2X10 configuration (I'm going 1X15 and then 2X10, so I can "fake it") My favourite aspect is the EQ, but it's my first time using an amp with EQ, so that may change. The worst aspect is the weight. Some padding on the side mounted flip out handles would be nice. Overall, I can't say enough about this amp! It's the best amp I've played through in 10 years, and I've played through a few! I highly reccommend it!
Model Year: 2002
Price: $850.00 CD (new)
Where Obtained: Lakeshore Music-Long & Mcquade
Controls: Separate Gain and Volume control, 10 band graphic EQ, switchible limiter, Contour button which "scoops" the tonal qualities of the signal coming into the amp. There are 2 post effects line out jacks, located on the front and the back of the amplifier. Optional Dual footswitch can control the EQ and the Contour. The Front panel effects loop is pre front panel affects, and the rear panel 'loop is post effects.
Sound Quality:
I play through the BM400 using a Spector NS2000-5. I also use the BP200 Modelling Amp Processor. Post amplification I use a BC210 cabinet with no High Boost and no Mid Cut. I play a variety of styles, and I needed versatility in an amplifier, and this amp answered the call an then some! It's way better than the Fender Bassman I was using, and as long as I don't crank the gain, it's not noicy at all! It sounds very clean at high volumes. I don't want distortion in my sound, so I can't answer that one.
Ease of Use:
This amp is very easy to use! There are suggested setting for the EQ in the manual. I didn't have to do much fiddling at all to get sounds that I liked.
This is a gigging bass guitarist's amp. I've only had it a month, but I've rented other ones in the past through research found that they were low maintenance. No tubes necessary! It is very well constructed...at 80 pounds, it put a hole in my floor when dropped the first day I brought it home!